Boleslaw Kozub
Born in 1915 in Racławice. When the war broke out he lived in Kraków (Cracow). He decided to move to France where in 1940 the first troops of Polish armed forces in the West were forming. The journey which included travelling through Hungary, Yugoslavia and Italy lasted for many months. One of the borders he crossed, hidden underneath a pile of coal on a goods train. After France surrendered he came to Scotland alongside other Polish soldiers and served in the 10th Polish Armoured Cavalry Brigade, converted in 1942 to the 1st Polish Armoured Division, commanded by General Maczek. In 1944 Bolesław Kozub volunteered, and marched with the Division along the whole length of the war trail: from the landing in Normandy, through to the liberation of Belgium and the Netherlands, to German Wilhelmshaven where on 4th May 1945, General Maczek accepted the surrender of several German military units, including the naval base of Kriegsmarine, Ostfriesland naval fleet, 10 infantry divisions, 8 auxiliary regiments, 3 cruisers, 18 u-boots and 205 other types of ship. For his services Bolesław Kozub received honorary citizenships of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. He married just before the war ended and settled down in Edinburgh.

In the 1950s he became a singer in the Polish Choir “Echo”. His Son was the Artistic Director of the Scottish band Simple Minds for a period of time. Bolesław Kozub painted around two hundred pictures, some of which he still has. The rest of them he gave away as presents to his friends or various institutions.


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