Nina MacKinnon

Lubomir Wojciech Orzechowski

Born in Warsaw in May 1923. His father, Marian Witalis, was a veteran of both the First World War and the 1920 war against the Bolsheviks. When war broke out Wojciech was living in Rawa Ruska where his father was Chief Inspector of the Border Police. The Soviets murdered his father in Katyń Forest. Wojciech and other family members were deported by the Soviets to a collective form in Kazakhstan. After the amnesty of 1941 (Polish-Soviet Agreement) he and his brother Sławek joined the Polish forces who left the Soviet Union for Persia. He eventually reached the UK where he served in the RAF Polish Squadron based in Hednesford.

He was released for employment by the Polish Resettlement Corps and worked as a clerk in the Polish Vocational College, 5 Park Grove Terrace, Glasgow. He met Sheila Fraser in 1948 and they married in Glasgow in 1950. Their first home together was in 5 Park Grove Terrace, (now the Sikorski Club). They had four children, Stefan, Corinne, Janina and Mark.

He never completed his education. He had several jobs, but his favourite job was driving trams in Glasgow. He never returned to Poland. Died in a nursing home in Edinburgh in May 2012.

Janina MacKinnon

Born in Glasgow in 1955. Studied History at Edinburgh University and Librarianship at Strathclyde University. Worked as a VSO Librarian in the Turks and Caicos Islands, West Indies, and also in Ghana, West Africa between 1983-1986.

Has been working in Edinburgh University Library since 1987. Visited Poland for the first time in 2012, where she scattered some of her father’s ashes in Warsaw, near Celna St. where he was born. Since then has visited Krakow twice and is keen to see more of Poland.