Prof. Robert R. Hodgart

Robert was born in 1944 at Wheatiefaulds in N. Ayrshire. From 1962 to 1966 he studied Geography at University of Glasgow, then spent two years as a postgraduate student at Pennsylvania State University. In 1968 he returned to Scotland as Demonstrator in Geography at University of Edinburgh and was subsequently appointed Lecturer in Geography in 1970, later completed a PhD in 1981. From 1970 until he retired from teaching in 2007, he taught at the Department of Geography at University of Edinburgh, where he is still doing research. With various co-workers he carried out a number of projects which provided advice to various health authorities in Scotland on the location of new hospitals and community health centres. Robert lectured on the MSc in GIS at University of Edinburgh from its inception in 1986 until he retired, supervising many Masters dissertations, mainly concerned with the application of GIS methods or locational models to various topics in Human Geography.

In 1977 Robert spent 2 months as a visiting researcher in Poland and developed links with Polish geographers in Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław. Since then he has visited Poland many times and participated in a number of academic conferences there concerned with Human Geography, Urban Studies and Planning.

Robert’s wife is Polish – they were married in 1991 and he has a Polish stepdaughter who is very fond of Edinburgh and, to his great good fortune, visits him here quite regularly.