This is just an amazing story !!! I have heard about Scottish pedlars, merchants and mercenaries in Poland. I have even heard about Scottish priests. But this one is something very new to me. We all know (or we should) the word ‘Szot’ means in old Polish ‘a Scot’. At some point it became a word to describe the pedlars of any nationality. But it is also a name of a traditional Polish (!!!) dance from Warmia and Mazury region. According to Zygmunt Gloger (1900) it is a mixture of Polish tradition and Scottish waltz (whatever it is…..). So I’ve looked for Szot on you tube… here it is.
Everyone who ever tried to dance (or watch) ceilidh will notice some well known elements. They usually don’t appear in Polish dances. Everyone who have ever seen any of the Polish traditional dances will say that this one is obviously very Polish… well, it’s obviously Scottish too.
BYW the dance group Śląsk, dance Szot Madziar means ‘Silesia, Scot, Hungarian’… the multicultural Poland of the XV-XVII century!!!! Firstmulticulti country of Europe!