Wojtek the Bear’s Party – Impreza u Niedzwiedzia Wojtka

venue: St Mary’s (Leith) Primary School, Links Gardens, Edinburgh, EH6 7JG
time: 14:00-17:00
open for primary kids, their teddy bears and parents
light snack will be provided

No Boundaries School,  Polish Scottish Heritage Project and St Mary’s (Leith) Primary invite you and YOUR Teddy Bear (yes, bring your teddy bear with you) to an afternoon party with Wojtek, the bear soldier. You will be able to dress a real size brown bear, take your teddy through a proper military training, do some detective work and find out how big a bear’s paw is! The event will feature a captivating story telling session with book authors Jenny Roberts and Aileen Orr, prize draw and much, much more. Its free for all and kids even get a free snack!