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Photo by Marcin Szpakowski taken during the Polish Cultural Festival in 2009, Edinburgh
Photo by Marcin Szpakowski taken during the Polish Cultural Festival in 2009, Edinburgh

We want to encourage you to share interesting stories with us, of people, places and events that shaped our shared heritage. Our web-site is in development and we aim to present as many interesting stories as possible to show just how extensive these long lasting Polish-Scottish connections are.

If you have interesting stories, videos, photos, podcasts or links that should be presented by the project, we want to hear from you!

We will read all the stories that you send us.  However,  we will only be able to publish those that are based on reliable sources that have been checked and approved by our research manager.

If you would like to write a story, but you are not sure about the subject, please get in touch. We have a comprehensive list of interesting subjects not yet covered, and perhaps one of them can be yours.

Feel free to suggest your own subject for an article. We would gladly welcome more stories oriented around Scottish culture.

Please take a look at our published articles and see how the are constructed. They always contain the following elements:

Text – the Story should be written in English.  It should not be too long or too short, so between 500 and 1500 words would be preferred. Please remember the project aims to reach a wide audience, therefore it should not be written in academic language.

Images – every story should contain some images – this makes it visually attractive and easy to read. The images could be archive photos, drawings, documents etc. but also contemporary images relating to the subject or photos of the Polonica. Please make sure of copyright. We will only be able publish the images to which we have a legal right.

Further reading and references section – this is very important for readers in case they wish to continue their research. This is also important for us as proof of reliability. The sources could be books, academic papers, archive materials, movies, podcast etc.

Polonica – a location 26 pin (memorials, tableaux, plaques, places of interests, buildings etc.) of Polonica – a physical manifestation of the Polish Scottish heritage.  This helps us to locate the story on our map of the Polish Scottish Heritage Trail.

Credits –  your name of course, but also the names of the creators of any images you use. We can also publish a link to your website.

To share a story please e-mail our research manager at