What do we do

The Polish-Scottish Heritage aims to promote a greater awareness of Poland and Scotland’s shared heritage. It is especially important now that the Polish community in Scotland is larger than ever before (67 000), to discover those long lasting connections, preserving and celebrating the shared histories of places, events and people for present and future generations.

The project will gather historical information and provide interpretation using a variety of multimedia story telling techniques (e.g. photographs, videos, podcasts – prepared in an Oral History sub-project). All of the material will then be organised into an easy to follow and understand “Heritage Trail” in the format of an interactive map with histories of places, events and people linked to the specific location, all presented on a website.

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The project will also develop an outreach programme  to make sure that a greater number and wider range of people are taking an active part in learning and making decisions about our shared Polish-Scottish heritage.

The project will also deliver a diverse outreach programme to support learning and to give people the opportunity to understand and enjoy the value of Poland and Scotland’s common heritage. The key activities of the proposed programme are:

  • Polish Scottish Heritage Festival – 5 day celebration filled with exhibitions, storytelling nights, film screenings, lectures, open days in mainstream museums and galleries that present collections related to the trail.
  • Oral history training and podcast development – The project will recruit 12 volunteers and train them in oral history techniques, providing them with tools to record and edit into 10 minute podcasts a minimum of 12 interviews with people sharing their memories and experiences of Polish-Scottish integration.
  • ”Young Explorers – Polish-Scottish heritage workshops”– The project will develop educational content and deliver hour long workshops for children age 7-12, exploring different aspects of the Polish-Scottish Heritage.

Furthermore we will use Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter to encourage people to participate in developing the trail, discuss our joint heritage, share new ideas and promote the project in real time.